Payload Demonstration: IG32 SB Omni Wheel ATR

Below is a demonstration of the payload capacity of our IG32 SB Omni Wheel ATR (TP-132-032). We’ve updated our robot kits to make it easier to compare the motor sizes and available payload. Please note that the maximum weight that a robot can handle depends on the motor type, torque, and the type of wheels or treads that you’ve chosen.

The IG32 SB is one of our All Terrain Robots is designed and fabricated in North Carolina, USA. All of our ATRs are fully supported by SuperDroid Robots. This robot features a rugged frame made of 1/8″ thick aluminum to accept our IG32 and IG32P gear motors. The base also features double row omni wheels to allow to better skid steering under heavier loads.

SDR Wheeled Robot Categories
Mount Method
(32mm Motors)
(42mm Motors)
(52mm Motors)
DM (Direct Mount) 10 lbs. - -
SB (Single Bearing) 75 lbs. 100 lbs. 125 lbs.
DB (Dual Bearings) - 200 lbs. 250 lbs.
*This is the maximum weight that the robot can handle. Please note that this weight varies widely upon the robot’s configuration and the surface on which it is driven. See our Support Pages for more information.

Arduino SoftwareServo Issue and Fix

When recently helping a customer get some new Arduino code updated, I was reminded of an issue using their standard SoftwareServo library working. The customer was confronted with some error messages like the ones below

C:\arduino-1.0.1\libraries\SoftwareServo\SoftwareServo.cpp: In member function 'uint8_t SoftwareServo::attach(int)':

This is due to a compatibility issue between the library and newer versions of the Arduino IDE. What’s happening is that the base level Arduino defines and functions are not properly included in the SoftwareServo header file. It’s pointing to the old header file WProgram.h that no longer exists and it needs to be updated to Arduino.h.

Simply update this line at the beginning of SoftwareServo.h

#include <WProgram.h>

To this, and you will be back up and running

#include "Arduino.h"

Introducing the MLT-JR


Introducing the MLT-JR Tracked Platform. The MLT-JR is available in two packages, the Tracked Platform TP-220-001 and the Arduino Development Platform TP-220-002. Both robots are based on our MLT Tactical Robot. They feature the same molded spliceless tracks and a similar compact chassis.

MLT-JR Tracked Robot Platform

Product Number: TP-220-001

Standard Configuration:

  • MLT Pair of Molded Spliceless Tracks and wheels Set.
  • 24VDC IG32P 265RPM planetary gear motors
  • High Power Polymer Li-Ion Module 22.2V 3Ah battery providing a up to 3 hours of operation depending on use.
  • This robot comes complete with a Sabertooth Dual 12A RC Motor Driver
  • This robot includes a Spektrum DX5eTransmitter with AR600 Receiver
  • Handles 15lbs of additional payload in most terrains.
  • The total weight of this configuration is ~6 lbs.

MLT-JR Arduino Development Platform

Product Number: TP-220-002

Standard Configuration:

  • MLT Pair of Molded Spliceless Tracks and Wheels Set
  • Qty 2: 12VDC IG32 53RPM planetary gear motors
  • 12V 4500 mAHr NiMH 2×5 Battery Pack.
  • Sabertooth Dual 12A Motor Driver
  • Arduino Uno Programmable Controller
  • Handles 5lbs of additional payload in most terrains.
  • The total weight of this configuration is ~6 lbs.

New Generation 4 Tracks!

New Generation 4 Tracks

Introducing our new, heavy duty, generation 4 molded tracks exclusively from SuperDroid Robots. These generation 4 tracks are molded and incredibly strong and come in a variety of sizes and configurations:

New Tactical Website

New SuperDroid Robots Website.

Looking for our Tactical Robots? Due to the increasing demand of our tactical robtos we have moved them to a dedicated website to better serve our customers. The site is for all of our military and law enforcement tactical robots, specializing in remote presence and surveillance. Used for EOD, SWAT, HAZMAT, IED, Police, Fire and Rescue, Inspection, and more.

SuperDroid Robots in the News! (in a good way ;-) )

Well, we have had a couple snow days here over the last couple weeks and our 6WD snow plow has been getting a lot of publicity. We built it as a novelty item and have already sold it. Fear not for those of you who still want one, just let us know what you want and we can build anything you need in plenty of time for the next winter.

Check us out on the weather channel

Check us out on CNN

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SuperDroid Robots Updates and New Forum

We finished migrating to a new dedicated server. We are sorry for the interruption, the old dedicated server had a failing hard drive and we had to make the change without much warning.

We have added a forum. We are working on updating all our support pages on and linking them to the forum so everyone can comment or add to the discussion. Look for these images on our support pages, then join in on the dissuasions…


SuperDroid Robots Support Page Forum Discussion

Promotional Robot Update

Arduino WiFi Robot

Win a Free Arduino Powered WiFi Robot

See the progress of the robot build here.

We are working hard to prepare the release of the source code to GITHUB and the winner has not yet been chosen. The good news is that there is still time to enter! The winner of the contest will recieve the autonomous robot pictured above complete with Arduino and client side source code.

Please see this link to the robot’s product page for more information.