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SuperDroid Robots Teams Up With Persistent Systems

SuperDroid Robots Teams Up With Persistent Systems

We built a robot….in one day! It’s no secret that SuperDroid Robots builds some of the most dependable and durable tactical and inspection robots on the market today. It’s also true that Persistent Systems is the industry leader in advanced radio and networking technology. Their core products have been most utilized by the government sector as well as some by some industrial clie... Read More »

how to win a robot

How to Win a Robot | SuperDroid Robots

The 2017 SuperDroid Robots hashtag challenge Here at SuperDroid Robots, we’ve been building the most dependable and durable tactical, inspection and surveillance robots for a long time. In fact, we’ve built robots for situations you might not imagine needing a robot! We have a lot of fun doing it too! But recently we started wondering what all of you are doing with our robots, robot ki... Read More »

How an Autonomous Robot Works

How an Autonomous Robot Works

Autonomous Robots Explained SuperDroid Robots has been building high quality, durable robots for a long time. Many of our robots are of the autonomous variety which makes them quite versatile. So what is an autonomous robot exactly? Wikipedia describes it as below… An autonomous robot is a robot that performs behaviors or tasks with a high degree of autonomy, which is particularly desirable ... Read More »

YouTube Channel

New Robot Videos

SuperDroid Robots makes some of the most advanced tactical and inspection robots around.  And…..animatronic ATV robots? Yes we do! We have made some seriously cool new robots over the past few weeks, and we took some time to make some YouTube videos to show them off. Animatronic ATV Robot: This animatronic robot was created to promote ATV safety. The ATV and mannequin are both controlled fro... Read More »

Autonomous Robot Engineering Services

Autonomous Robot Engineering Services

Beyond simply building robots It’s no secret that we build some of the finest tactical and inspection robots anywhere around. We have created robots for surveillance, law enforcement, structural inspection and even some places you wouldn’t think a robot would go. But did you realize that we offer autonomous robot engineering services as well? Do you need custom engineering for your pro... Read More »

Tech Thursday

How to Wire a Relay

What is a Relay? A relay is a controllable switch that is used to open and/or close another circuit. There are multiple uses for relays in electrical work. Here at SuperDroid Robots, we use relays daily to help control robots. Different Types of Relays There are several types of relays each with their own applications and uses.  Electromagnetic relays, solid state relays, and thermal relays are on... Read More »

Mobile Robot Platform

Heavy Duty 4WD All Terrain Mobile Robot Platform

A new addition to our online store Here at SuperDroid Robots, we have perfected the art of creating durable, reliable mobile robot platforms. We’ve added a new robot to our lineup filled with the same quality engineering you’ve come to expect from SuperDroid Robots. This All Terrain Robot is designed and fabricated in North Carolina, USA and fully supported by SuperDroid Robots, an ind... Read More »

SuperDroid Robots is heading north

SDR is Heading North – EDIT

SDR is taking its tactical robots back on the road **** Due to inclement weather, our trip north has been pushed back to Feb 7-10, weather permitting. Find out how to schedule a demo below. **** 2016 was a really big year for us here at SuperDroid Robots. We have made road trips all across the south over the last few months and now SDR is heading north! We have demos scheduled in Erie County, New ... Read More »

Tactical Robot In The News

Tactical Robot In The News

Tactical Robot Assists With Emergency Services Drill SuperDroid Robots makes some of the finest tactical robots in the world. Our tactical robots can be found doing remote surveillance, sniffing out bombs, and assisting in hostage negotiations among other things. Sometimes we make something so amazing that it makes news headlines! Once again we have a tactical robot in the news. A special response... Read More »

Remote Controlled Snow Plow Robot

Remote Controlled Snow Plow Robot

How can a snow plow robot help you this winter? One of the worst parts about this time of year is having to plow the snow after a winter storm. If you live above the Mason-Dixon line, you can almost be guaranteed to have to get out the shovel and clear your driveway, sidewalk or parking lot. What if there was a way to remove the snow from your driveway without ever having to pick up a shovel? What... Read More »


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