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Tech Thursday

To power an electric motor, determine the power
consumption at maximum rate Then you can chose
the correct wiring size.Read more

Tech Thursday
If there's one thing we've learned, it’s that track
design is never trivial. We've been building treaded
robots for over 10 years. At generation 4, they’ve been
through many stages of evolution. Read more
Tech Thursday

On our robots, the most common configuration for
an RC-Arduino system involves using a Spektrum
transmitter + receiver combo with the receiver outputs
wired to the Arduino. Read more

Tech Thursday

We tested one of each type of motor using three
methods: hand rotation, oscilloscope and a stop-
watch and encoder buffer board.Read more

Tech Thursday

Soldering is one of the most useful and necessary
skills to have when working with any form of electronics.
It can be as simple as soldering a joint, or as complex
as assembling PCBs. Read more

Recent Posts

Tech Thursday

RoboteQ XDC2460 controller: Speed controller with encoder input.

Technical Thursday #043; Today we want to write about RoboteQ’s speed controller with encoder input like the RoboteQ XDC2460. This motor controller can handle 150 amps per channel and you can combine it with the DG-158 wheel chair motors. We recommend installing our, custom direct drive shafts or if you need custom sprockets you can fill our custom fabrication request. When you choose the wheel ch... Read More »

Tech Thursday

RoboteQ MGS1600 MagSensor: Autonomous Robot Control TT-042

Technical Thursday #042 We appreciate robots that have a broad range of applications while being effective in their assigned task. Reliability and precision is key when designing a line following robot, and we carry a sensor that is up for the task! The RoboteQ MGS1600 is a magnetic guide sensor which is capable of detecting and reporting the position of a magnetic field along its horizontal axis.... Read More »

Business Award

SuperDroid Robots receives Business Impact Award

What an honor to receive the Business Impact Award from the Fuquay-Varina Chamber of Commerce. Very Exciting. SuperDroid Robots receives 2015 business leadership award in recognition for making a visible and positive impact in our industry and our community. The award was presented by Fuquay Varina’s chamber of commerce! Read More »

SuperDroid Robots new Service Van

SuperDroid Robots new Service Van

SuperDroid Robots has outfitted this van as a mobile service center. We plan on using the van to provide service, installation, and repair to our robots. We will also use the van to come to your location for demonstrations and evaluations. We have been providing all these services with our truck and trailer up to now. With the addition of the van, it furthers our capabilities. The dually 3500 van ... Read More »

Tech Thursday

Tech Thursday #040: Autonomous Robots 101

We have been building autonomous robots for decades now. Here are just some of the examples. We build many that we can not discuss due to confidentiality agreements. The Autonomous robot give away Build an Autonomous Robot Autonomous Robotics Engineering Services Shop Programmable Robots Shop Sensors We get many requests from people to have us build autonomous robots. We also get many requests fro... Read More »

Tech Thursday

Tech Thursday #039: An Automated Heat Shrink Cutter!

This is not something everyone needs, but it is something that is fun and cool to build. Maybe not the exact same thing, but some variation thereof… This is a heat shrink cutter. It uses a stepper motors to move the heat shrink through the feeder made of 3D printed wheels. The heat shrink is cut with a pair of scissors that are violently actuated via a pneumatic cylinder. The heat shrink fal... Read More »

Tech Thursday

Tech Thursday #038: New D-Shaft Sprockets

  For this week’s Tech Thursday, we are introducing our new D-Shaft sprockets. These sprockets are custom designed and machined from high quality steel with a custom bore so that it fits the D-shaped shaft of our IG42 and IG52 motors. We have them in three sizes: #25 10 tooth, 8mm bore #25 15 tooth, 12mm bore #35 10 tooth, 12mm bore The 8mm bore fits the shaft of the IG42 motor while the 12mm... Read More »


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