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Tactical Robots
Save Lives

Robot technology is being used more
than ever to help with dangerous
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Inspection Robots

When you need to inspect
a space that you can't get to,
an inspection robot may be
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Recent Posts

Where to Buy Robot Wire

Where to Buy Robot Wire

Everything you need to build your robot right! Your robot project: So you’ve done your homework and found the perfect platform for your robot.  You confidently sized your motors for the speed and torque you want, you have batteries covered in every way possible, and you think you are ready to create the robot of your dreams! You will be a modern day Dr. Frankenstein, only without the monster... Read More »

SDR East Coast Tour

SDR 2016 East Coast Tour!

A trip down the coast. SHORT NOTICE ALERT!! YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO SCHEDULE A DEMO ON OUR WAY TO OR FROM FLORIDA!! SuperDroid Robots is sending one of its operatives to Gainesville, FL to take a few of our robots on a field trip and perform a demonstration while we’re there. This will be a demonstration of robot capabilities, not a protest demonstration……but you never know!! What... Read More »

holiday wrapping paper

Why get a robot for the holidays?

The holidays are going to be here sooner than you think.  Every year people rush to find gifts for loved ones when just a little bit of foresight could solve the dilemma easily. You might want to think about getting a robot for the holidays. I can already hear you asking “why get a robot for the holidays?” Well the easy answer is simply because robots are cool!  But there is more to it... Read More »

Tech Thursday

Autonomous Robots Updated

New information on autonomous robots. We are currently working to populate our autonomous support page with detailed sensor information. When designing an autonomous robot, accurate sensor feedback is critical. Here we will provide in-depth information about sensors that are suitable for autonomous projects. The necessity of the following sensors depends on many factors such as operating environme... Read More »

superdroid robots and microsoft

What is a Turn-Key Robot?

Out of the box production. You may have heard of people looking for a turn-key house, or a turn-key business.  What they mean by that is they want a home or business that is move-in ready and doesn’t need any work done in order to get started.  It makes sense for a lot of folks. But what is a turn-key robot?  Basically a turn-key robot is one that you can get from SuperDroid Robots that is r... Read More »

4WD Tactical Robot with Tablet Controller

Wi-Fi Enclosed 4WD Tactical Robot with Tablet Controller

Take your surveillance to a whole new level The world is becoming a more and more dangerous place every day.  Whether it is a simple inspection job, or a much more treacherous situation (hostages, bomb search, etc.), your organization could definitely benefit by sending in a robot as a first measure. Here at SuperDroid Robots, we have mastered the art of designing and building surveillance robots ... Read More »

new capabilities

New Machine Equals New Capabilities

Our brand new toy Here at SuperDroid Robots, we are always trying to find new ways to create amazing robots that just work.  We have added a new machine to our arsenal that will allow us to do even more! Our new toy is the BXY-1500 Acrylic Vacuum Forming Machine, and it will add to our capabilities in so many ways.  Creating custom covers for our robots is one of the main ways we are going to empl... Read More »

SDR Mobile

SuperDroid Mobile Support Vehicle

Much more than simply building robots. SuperDroid Robots builds some of the most highly advanced robots on the planet, and are based in Fuquay-Varina, NC just outside of Raleigh. The owner is a former competitor on the popular Battlebots robot battle television show.  If you are a fan of the show and remember a particularly nasty little robot called Atomic Wedgie, well he was a part of that team. ... Read More »

Tech Thursday

Encoder Support Overview

Encoder support starts with SuperDroid Robots There is a lot to know about encoders along with how and when to use them.  This post is intended to summarize all the past posts we have made the involve encoders and shed some more information/support on the topic. Motors with Encoders Most of our robot kits allow you to select the motors you want to used to drive the robot. The options will include ... Read More »

Tech Thursday

Autonomous Robots Explained

Robots that can operate on their own The primary components of a mobile autonomous robot are positioning, obstacle detection, navigation, and control. At SuperDroid Robots we know all about autonomous robots, and how to make them work. This week we updated our Autonomous Programmable Robot page to include even more information than ever before. Do you want to supercharge your understanding of auto... Read More »


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