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Tactical Robots
Save Lives

Robot technology is being used more
than ever to help with dangerous
jobs and situations...Read more

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Wake County
Law Enforcement Camp
Local students get a front row
demonstration on how robots
can help law enforcement. Read more
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Inspection Robots

When you need to inspect
a space that you can't get to,
an inspection robot may be
just what you need. Read more

Recent Posts

Tech Thursday

Controlling a Dome Camera with Arduino

Zoom and focus commands using Arduino What is Arduino Arduino is an open-source platform that can be used for creating electronics projects. Arduino is made up of both a physical programmable circuit board (referred to as a microcontroller) and a piece of software, or IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that is run on your computer and is used to write and upload computer code to the physical... Read More »

TP-600-291 LT2-F with 4-Axis Arm

Tactical Robots Save Lives

Robots take the place of humans in dangerous situations The world can be a dangerous place.  Anyone who has watched the news lately knows this to be true.  Many surveillance, investigation or HAZMAT situations call for someone to be put in harm’s way. Often times, the ones that are put in danger are local police or military members, but these people aren’t simply a number.  They each h... Read More »

superdroid robots and microsoft

SuperDroid Robots and Microsoft’s MAPP

The future of law enforcement is based on new technologies Microsoft’s Mobile Advanced Patrol Platform (MAPP) Microsoft and its partners is working on revolutionizing law enforcement via the Mobile Advanced Patrol Platform (MAPP.)  MAPP will serve as a mobile precinct by delivering more accurate information to police officers in the field more efficiently. In the video below Kirk Arthur of M... Read More »

Law Enforcement Adventure Camp

Local Students Learn How Robots Help Police

For the Wake County Sheriff’s Office, it’s robots to the rescue. Law Enforcement Adventure Camp The Wake County (N.C.) Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Adventure Camp is a camp designed for middle school students. It is an outreach program developed to help students become more aware of law enforcement functions and gain a better understanding of the criminal elements they may fa... Read More »

Tech Thursday

Wifi ATR with RC Override

Wifi ATR with RC Override This week we want to share information on how to wire and program one of our Wifi ATR robots with RC override.  This allows two different ways to control your robot with the RC remote as the master controller.  The following example includes our programmable Wifi package interfacing with a Sabertooth motor controller and RC control package. Hardware PLC Inputs: RC receive... Read More »

inspection robots

Inspection Robots Go Where You Can’t

Some jobs are better left to a robot. Imagine you are on a job site and your boss asks you to inspect a location that is almost impossible to get to. Even worse, it may be messy or even dangerous to access the location yourself. In times such as these, you may be better off leaving the job to an inspection robot. Hard to reach areas Many inspection areas, both at home and work, are simply impossib... Read More »

Tech Thursday

R-12 Robotic Arm Operation Guide

Technical Thursday #044; We recently completed an exhibit for the Children’s Science Center in Fairfax, VA using an ST Robotics R12 arm. Visitors can program the arm to complete different challenges using a simple drag-and-drop block interface at three tablet stations. If you’re ever in the area, you should go check it out! In light of our recent experience working with the R12, we want to use thi... Read More »

Tech Thursday

RoboteQ XDC2460 controller: Speed controller with encoder input.

Technical Thursday #043; Today we want to write about RoboteQ’s speed controller with encoder input like the RoboteQ XDC2460. This motor controller can handle 150 amps per channel and you can combine it with the DG-158 wheel chair motors. We recommend installing our, custom direct drive shafts or if you need custom sprockets you can fill our custom fabrication request. When you choose the wheel ch... Read More »

Tech Thursday

RoboteQ MGS1600 MagSensor: Autonomous Robot Control TT-042

Technical Thursday #042 We appreciate robots that have a broad range of applications while being effective in their assigned task. Reliability and precision is key when designing a line following robot, and we carry a sensor that is up for the task! The RoboteQ MGS1600 is a magnetic guide sensor which is capable of detecting and reporting the position of a magnetic field along its horizontal axis.... Read More »


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