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Wheeled RemCAT 1st Run…

This robot is being built for Energy Solutions to drive steep terrain and scan the location using radiation detectors. The pictured wheeled robot will be replaced with the tracked robot shown in the rendering. SuperDroid Robots Tracked RemCAT Custom Robot  

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New Sensors

We have added new sensors to our online store.  The Hokuyo URG-04LX-UG01 Laser is a great sensor for your autonomous robot.  We have also added Dimension Engineering Accelerometers.   We have a 3D 3g accelerometer, 2D 2g accelerometer, and a 2D 6G accelerometer.

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Some more custom robots with arms…

We just created these HD2 robots with 5-Axis Arms.  An LT with 4-axis arm is also shown in the picture.  These custom robots are tethered by a fiber optic cable and going to be used in a nuclear power plant.  SuperDroid Robots specializes in building custom robots. Contact us for your custom robot!

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Latest LT-F Robot

This is a LT-F we just finished for a local sheriff’s office.   The LT-F has 2 way audio, 2 cameras (including a PTZ with optical zoom), flipper arms, our new style tracks, pelican case remote, and much more.   The PTZ camera on the top can be removed easily in the field allowing it to get under cars, etc.

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Website Update for Wheeled Robots & Treaded Robots

We have been working hard updating the site.  We are currently overhauling all the robot kit pages giving the consumer more options so the robot kits can be configured to meet their needs!  We have added more motor, battery, and motor controller options too.   Checkout our wheeled robot kits, omni wheel robot kits, and treaded robot kits.

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SuperDroid SD4 Prototype for National Instruments

The video below is the 1st cut at a robot being developed for National Instruments. This robot was built and programmed in less than 2 days. It has an onboard cRIO and being controlled via LabView. The next version is already started in design that will house a high speed router, cRIO, LIADAR, slower more powerfull gear motors with encoders, Sonar, and IR sensors.

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Fiber Optic Tethered Robot Completed!

We have recently completed this custom 4WD robot that carries a spool of fiber.  This robot is made in cooperation with Nuytco. It is equipped with 2 miles of fiber to drive 1 mile into a hazardous area, turn around, and drive back out.   The robot is 4WD with 10inch tires.  Has a 36IR LED camera and also 4 Headlights for color viewing (remotely switched).  Below is a video of the robot…

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