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Custom Robots

What’s the Best Robot for You?

Custom Robots. This can be a scary phrase for anyone searching for a robot. The word “custom” often has a negative connotation associated with words like “expensive” and “unnecessary”. To us, “custom” means something different. When we design a custom robot for a client, we talk to with them to understand their needs as well as the tasks the robot is...

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Coming soon: Surveillance robot with a scissor lift twist

Complete with a 38 inch. scissor lift, 360+ pan/tilt camera, and black paint, our new Scissor Lift Surveillance Robot is perfect for conducting thorough surveillance. The batteries powering the lift and camera system stay charged for over 8 hours, making this an ideal robot for stakeouts and other hostile situations that require patience and long battery life. The foundation of this robot consists...

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A Vectoring Robot, Benny Hill, and a Firecracker

Things went a little crazy today when we filmed a promotional video for our newest omni-wheel vectoring robot. Check it out! This robot does feature our latest product that we designed and built, the Direct Drive IG32 Triangular Omni Wheel Robot Kit.

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Overkill having anger management issues

As we posted last week, we’ve created a unique robot with a 24HP V Twin with hydraulic motors and pumps. This beast is a true robot. Notice the remote start up and control. This video shows Overkill in it’s element. Running over trees, crashing through water; this robot is fit for the ugliest terrain. Want to learn more about Overkill? Contact us.

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Nothing wrong with a little Overkill

Our latest project, Overkill. This robot has a 24HP V Twin with hydraulic motors and pumps. Still has some work needed with control system to control RPM and hydraulic demands. Looking like its got plenty of power and a top speed of about 15mph!

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Our new Arduino Mega … or … Mega Arduino Robot

As many of you know, Arduino is the top open-source microcontroller brand. Outside of control boards, Arduino offers an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that makes programming robots much simpler and makes it easy to get up on running in the world of embedded technologies. Programmable Arduino Mega Robot – Designed, built and tested by SuperDroid Robots in Fuquay-Varina, NC, USA. Bec...

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Robot + Gun = Sweet Christmas Gift

We typically receive custom requests for robot gifts, and this year was no different. Here’s a look at a robot we upfitted with an Airsoft gun. Want more info about our custom robots? Check out our web site. Like all of our custom robots, this ATR was designed, built and tested in North Carolina, USA.

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