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Inspection Robots


SuperDroid Robots Inspection Robot Saves Homeowner $85K

SGT-32 Home Inspection Robot Testimonial William Butner of North Carolina owns a home built around 1870. Mr. Butner hired a contractor to assess the home for damage. There was no access to the structural beams without tearing up the floor. A small section was removed and revealed termite damage. The contractor told Mr. Butner that termite damage was so severe that the entire subfloor of the home w...

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Mining and Inspection Robots

The news is out. SuperDroid Robots is a “key player in the global automated mine scanning machine market” according to a recent report by Research and Markets. SuperDroid Robots stands out among the competition as the only custom robot vendor named in the report. Our inspection robots provide safer methods to the surveying and exploration of mining operations. With the inherent dangers...

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4WD Tactical Robot with Tablet Controller

Surveillance Robot Kit

Surveillance Robot Kit One of the more practical uses for robot technology comes in the form of surveillance. The ability to remotely survey an area is useful, valuable, and easier to manage then you might think. Many organizations are utilizing a surveillance robot kit to get the job done. A surveillance robot kit can be programmed to patrol a specific route, or driven manually using a remote con...

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Pipe Inspection Robot Advantages

Pipe Inspection Robot Advantages

The dangers of inspection jobs Pipe inspection can be a dirty, sometimes thankless job. It can be dark, hot, uncomfortable, difficult to move, and just plain dangerous. According to, a gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno, California rose to as much as 300 feet in the air. The residents said the explosion was so large they thought an airplane had crashed. In a post 9-11 world, this w...

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MLT-42 Compact Inspection Robot with PTZ Camera

Inspection Robots For Sale

Do you have an area that is hard to reach, or even dangerous to access? The perfect solution for you could be a durable inspection robot from SuperDroid Robots. Areas you can inspect with one of our inspection robots: Pipes Culverts Ducts Crawl Spaces Attics Roofs Etc.   All of our inspection robots come with cameras which keep you out of harm’s way. CLICK EACH IMAGE TO FIND OUT MORE! &...

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Mining Inspection Robot work continues…

This custom robot is being built to explore abandoned mine tunnels. The tunnels may be flooded with water so the motors are in waterproof housing. The electronics will get placed in waterproof housings too at a later date. Items will be added such as IP control, camera systems, and a fiber optic spool. SuperDroid Robots is working with Nuytco on this project. SuperDroid robots is designing and bui...

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