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Robot Updates

UM4 updated with New Tires and Roll Cage

Our light weight, fast and low-cost UM4 surveillance robot has been updated with 6 inch off-road tires enabling it scale obstacles with ease and travel at high speeds on flat terrain. Our Ultra Mobile 4WD robot is perfect for quiet and quick surveillance. The small and lightweight design allows it to be quickly deployed in almost any situation. The video below showcases the speed and abilities of ...

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New LT2 and LT2-F Tactical Robot Videos

SuperDroid Robots is an industry leader in tactical robotics. We offer a wide range of solutions for police, militaries and fire departments. Our LT2 class of robots features multiple attachment to fit your needs. Attachment options include: flipper arms to scale obstacles and climb stairs; 4-axis arm with an attached camera to manipulate your environment, deliver items and dispose of EOD; multipl...

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Custom Track Service

Here at SuperDroid Robots we offer custom orders on most of our standard tracks. Simply decide which type of track is right for you and fill out our custom request form (located here) and tell us the length you want! We currently offer two standard tread designs with multiple options. Our four inch wide track design has three cleat options available (TD-047-001, TD-047-002, and TD-080-002). Our th...

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HD2-S Surveillance Robot Loving the Rain

Here’s a video of an custom built HD2-S that we built for a customer. This robot is to conduct surveillance in rough terrain and harsh weather conditions. Here you go! Get more info about this HD2-S Surveillance Robot.

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Complete LT-F Surveillance Robot Heavily Discounted

We often have prebuilt, prototype robots that were built for research and development. This particular prebuilt is a LT-F Complete Surveillance Robot with Pelican Remote. It is equipped with a custom pelican control case with 7″ color LCD, an IR camera, and a battery charging station. This robot is capable of climbing household stairs and obstacles, very maneuverable, and able to inspect under veh...

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New 4WD Chassis

This new 4WD chassis is the same chassis we have been using for our WiFi Linux Server Robot. After many requests for selling just the chassis, we have listed it as a stand alone item. The same chassis will be used in a new WiFi Robot that will utilize the ARC32 controller and be user configurable. The current WiFi Robots (excluding the server robot)  do not allow user configuration and customizati...

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SuperDroid Robots LT-F Disaster City NIST Qualification Testing

SuperDroid Robots LT-F Disaster City NIST Testing. This is a long video, it was 4 days of testing and demonstrations compressed into about 10 minutes. All tests had to be performed remotely for 10 iterations each for qualification. We also did endourence tests where we drove the LT-F continuously for close to 4 hours.

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This is a recent HD2 WiFi robot we build with a low profile embedded nose camera with 27X zoom.

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HD2 with 5 Axis Position Control Arm

This is another video of the HD2 with 5 Axis Position control arm. The arm joints have clutches and automatically or manually position. The controller is a pelican case with on board computer with touch screen and gamepad controls. The robot can be controlled by any four methods. C-OFDM (Coded Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing) wireless, WiFi wireless, Ethernet cable tether, Fiber Optic C...

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