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A look into Trekker2

Here’s an inside peak into one of our side projects, the Trekker2. The Trekker robot kit was one of the original robots we sold to the general public. Now we’re looking at refreshing the robot in a big way. The Trekker2 Development Platform will support four mecanum wheels on a heavy duty aluminum chassis. This isn’t your garden variety “PCB Robot” platform our compet...

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Photographing Lions with Technology

National Geographic – Serengeti Lion Project – The Robot National Geographic’s photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols and videographer Nathan Williamson commissioned one of our robots as part of the Serengeti Lion Project. Nichols is an award-winning photographer who has traveled the world and shot many features for National Geographic. National Geographic spoke to Nicho...

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What’s the Best Robot for You?

Custom Robots. This can be a scary phrase for anyone searching for a robot. The word “custom” often has a negative connotation associated with words like “expensive” and “unnecessary”. To us, “custom” means something different. When we design a custom robot for a client, we talk to with them to understand their needs as well as the tasks the robot is...

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New look for

When you visit our you’ll notice a pretty drastic difference in the design. The new SDR web site is optimized for visitors. We’re doing everything we can to make it simple for you to find the information you need and jump from one section to another with ease. Here are some screenshots of the new design. Visit any time for robots, robot parts, ...

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Atek Bantam Restored by SDR

NEW Atek Bantam CNC Press Brake Capabilities

SuperDroid Robots can now break their own metal with this NEW Atek Bantam CNC Press Brake machine. The machine has the following standard equipment: 4150 tool steel die set consisting of a 90 degree top punch and 3/4″ bottom die Removable die holder, accepts American style tooling Complete modular FRL unit with OSHA lockout Safety hooded foot pedal with toe flip cover Tamper-proof speed cont...

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