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Wheeled Robots

UM4 updated with New Tires and Roll Cage

Our light weight, fast and low-cost UM4 surveillance robot has been updated with 6 inch off-road tires enabling it scale obstacles with ease and travel at high speeds on flat terrain. Our Ultra Mobile 4WD robot is perfect for quiet and quick surveillance. The small and lightweight design allows it to be quickly deployed in almost any situation. The video below showcases the speed and abilities of ...

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Our Latest Microsoft Xbox Kinect Robot

Here’s a quick video of Kinect Bot 1.0. Using ultrasonic and infrared sensors along with the Xbox Kinect, this robot easily scans and maps terrain. The ATR then uses the map to autonomously navigate through its surroundings.

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Small yet Aggressive – The IG42 ATR (All Terrain Robot)

Here’s a live demo of our IG42 ATR. Like all of our complete robots, this model was designed, built, and tested at our facility in Fuquay-Varina, NC. This little guy can handle most terrain, turns on a dime, and can view whoever or whatever you want through a PTZ camera. You can view more info and purchase the robot shown by clicking here.

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6WD ATR with 6inch Pneumatic Tires

Our Wheeled ATRs have another wheel option. The 6.75inch semi pneumatic tires are getting phased out and replaced with metal rim fully pneumatic 6inch tires. The new tires have a higher load capability since they are fully pneumatic and have steel rims instead of plastic. The tires will be used on our IG32, IG42 standard base platforms, Heavy Duty platform, and our custom length ATRs. The 10inch p...

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Another Iteration to the remote control Golf Cart

We are getting closer to the final product with the remote control golf cart.  We are just building this for fun with what little spare time we have.   The steering is still not as quick as we would like and its too touch at fast speeds.   No one has been brave enough to hold it in full throttle to see what the top end of this is.   We need to get the steering a little better and brakes would be n...

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New 4WD Chassis

This new 4WD chassis is the same chassis we have been using for our WiFi Linux Server Robot. After many requests for selling just the chassis, we have listed it as a stand alone item. The same chassis will be used in a new WiFi Robot that will utilize the ARC32 controller and be user configurable. The current WiFi Robots (excluding the server robot)  do not allow user configuration and customizati...

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Now for Sale! SuperDroid Robots 6WD ATR RC with 90mm motors

Visit our online store for our new 6WD ATR RC with 90mm motors.  It has a rugged frame made of 3/16″ thick aluminum to accept our IG90 gear motors. The aluminum is all laser cut and CNC bent for an exact fit-up. The IG90 ATR frame is 14″ wide x 36″ long. The sides are 2″ high (bottom edge to top surface). As configured with 13″ tiller tires shaft and wheel sets it has...

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Custom Server Robot 4 User Operation

Custom Server Robot with embedded Ubuntu Linux Server. This robot is configured for 4 user operation; admin, drive operator, camera operator and arm operator. Each operation is controlled by a separate PC.

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Custom 6WD Robot with Diamond Plate Covers

This custom 6WD was designed and built for a customer to haul a tricked out cooler (ice chest with sink, stereo, neon lights, etc.). The robot is powered by 2 IG90 gear motors (one per side) and is designed to haul 150lbs. The robot itself is about 250lbs. The video shows it can also be used as a bucking bull to throw old motocross jocks on their butt…

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