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Wheeled Robots

Nevada Discovery Museum ROV Exhibit Completed

The Nevada Discovery Museum ROV Exhibit Completed. This project included making a display case that will fit into the museum and then a primary ROV and backup ROV that are used to shovel media from one point to the dump location. The project included building the display, ROV and control along with programming the ROV, controls, and Display.

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Wheeled RemCAT 1st Run…

This robot is being built for Energy Solutions to drive steep terrain and scan the location using radiation detectors. The pictured wheeled robot will be replaced with the tracked robot shown in the rendering. SuperDroid Robots Tracked RemCAT Custom Robot  

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Website Update for Wheeled Robots & Treaded Robots

We have been working hard updating the site.  We are currently overhauling all the robot kit pages giving the consumer more options so the robot kits can be configured to meet their needs!  We have added more motor, battery, and motor controller options too.   Checkout our wheeled robot kits, omni wheel robot kits, and treaded robot kits.

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