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Connectors for IG32P Gear Motor with Encoder

Home Forums Product Questions Connectors for IG32P Gear Motor with Encoder

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    I have two IG32P 24VDC 190 RPM Gear Motor with Encoder (TD-055-190) that I bought from you a few years ago. They have a 6-pin connector that includes motor wires and encoder wires. Eventually I would like to get a Kangaroo X2 controller, but for now I just want to connect the motors to a Sabertooth 2X25.

    1. Do you sell a header/connector or pigtail that mates with the 6-pin connector? Or would you snip the M+ and M- wires and solder directly to a shielded cable?

    2. Will the 6-pin connector plug into the header on your motor encoder pull-up board (TE-179-000)?

    3. You are out of stock on the Kangaroo X2 Motion Controller. From the Dimension Engineering website, it looks like it may be several months before they ship more. Is this time frame what you are expecting?




    We don’t have a 6-pin that will mate with that. So yes, you can cut the header then solder on shielded cable to go into the Sabertooth screw terminals if they are too far away.

    The encoder pull-up board only has 4-pin I/O so that header won’t be compatible. The setup needs to be:
    Green to ground
    Brown to 5V
    Purple to A
    Blue to B

    As far as the Kangaroo’s go, we don’t have an ETA. Several months is likely.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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