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How do you Connect the wheels to the shaft

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    Jacob Pedersen

    Hi, my team and I are building a robort, and we want to use the
    Item Name:
    SST2 Pair of Molded Spliceless Tracks and Wheel Set
    Item #:
    But we do not understand how you are supposed to attach the wheels to the shaft? what are the 4 screws for? is it a taberbush or are you supposed to attach them to the shaft?
    And as far as we understand, the shaft that is not attached to the sprockets is not supposed to rotate? since there should be some kind of bearing or a bush in the wheel or are we wrong on that one?
    PS. If you have anyform of CAD.file of the produkt we can use, that will be very much appreciated.



    The SST2 wheel and track set is an updated version of the SST. The wheels are a little larger for more ground clearance but still mounted and connected to the robot the same way. There is an aluminum hub with a 6mm bore to fit all out our IG32 motors. The hub has a set screw in the side that goes onto the flat part of the motor shaft. Make sure to use Loc Tite and get the set screw on the flat of the shaft. The 4 screws you see in the picture are to bolt the wheel to the hub.
    As for the Idler wheel, You are correct there is a 1/4″ flanged bushing that is press fit into the wheel. You can also see this is the picture. The idler wheel rotates around a stationary shaft. On the robot we designed this track and wheel set for, we use that stationary shaft as the shaft that can also tension the tracks. Take a look at our SST2 platform (TP-240-001) to see this a little better.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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