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    I am building a two wheeled robot and need some help sizing the motors. I am trying to keep the weight below 10 lb and don’t need to go any faster than about 20” per sec. My wheel diameter is 4”. I also want a right angle drive. Based on your Motor write up two of your TD-035-220 motors should meet my requirements, however based on my torque calculations 1.7 Kg Cm seem rather low for a 10 lb robot. Do you feel two of these motors would move a 10 lb robot at a speed of 20” per Sec? My next problem is I need endcoder on these motors. Can I purchase encoders separately and add them to the TD-035-220 motors?





    Selection of motors is difficult and hard to determine. I requires a lot of engineering and experience. Please look at our support page under the motor selection section. the rated torque of the motors is where it run at the best efficiency. They are capable of a lot more torque than the rated torque. The motors TD-035-220 should be OK depending on the exact configuration, friction factors of the surface your driving on, etc. With high friction, uneven terrain, soft wheels, etc., these motors would be undersized.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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