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    I purchased a IG52 kit. I have the two Sabertooth 2×25 wired up in Packet Serial from an Arduino UNO, TX pin to S1 on each ( address 128, and 129. )

    The end goal is to be able to control the robot through a controller ( PS2, RC, or other ), record the movements, edit them slightly and play them back as a predetermined program.

    The current plan… Wireless PS2 as controller and SD Shield to record the data.

    Status on that… Robot is built. I have Packet Serial working when programming actions directly through UNO. I have PS2 wireless controller working fine on same UNO when isolated. When I combine packet serial programming and PS2 programming things get weird. Serial interference?

    Is a wireless PS2 controller and Packet Serial compatible or will they create serial interference?
    Is there a more affective approach to the goal of controlling the robot – recording its movements – and then editing that recording slightly to played back later?



    You should not be getting any serial interference. You can try shielded cable if you think thats the issue, but unlikely. Its more likely your code. break it down and just get the PS2 controller working using the debug and make sure that is all right, then add in the sabertooths. regarding logging, best to check the Arduino forums, you can probably use something like a SD card to log data and play it back.


    Peter John

    Hi…i am a new user here. I am from NY,USA. I also faced the same situation as you are facing here. As per my knowledge here avoid the serial interface. Also check your cable issue, if possible then try only shielded cable as suggested above. In my case the problem was just because of improper shielding of cable.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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