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TP-261-000 wheeled lawnmower kit

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    Lance Hinek

    I got this running today. Picture attached. I had to extend the caster arms 6 inches to fit my 22 inch mower in the frame. I added a digital volt meter primary to indicate when the motors are twitched on.

    This lawnbot is very fast and would like to slow it down about half speed. It is very twitchy. Would just using 12 volts in parallel rather then 24 volts work? The amps would increase not sure how much. Anyway, I have a race horse and need a plow horse.

    The next modification is incorporating a remote control emergency kill switch for the motors.This is a powerful machine.

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    Very nice build. I would say to drive the robot at half speed you can reduce the range in the appropriate channels, if you are using a spektrum remote you can download the software called spektrum programmer.

    You may need this to connect to the pc.

    And then once you are connected to the pc reduce the travel percentage in the appropriate channel. Reduce it until you feel comfortable with the speed. No need to change battery configuration.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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