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Featured Prebuilt Robots

Five Featured Prebuilt Robots at SuperDroid Robots

Our robot technicians are busy this summer building awesome bots. These prebuilt robots are assembled, tested, and ready to ship!

SST2 Tracked Robot

The SST2 Robot is a great starter robot for new robotic enthuasists. This is our smallest tracked platform robot that only weighs 3 pounds!


MLT-JR Tracked Robot

The MLT-JR Robot is one of our most requested small platform tracked robots. This is the first MLT-JR painted with Tactical Tan textured paint.


MLT-42-F Tracked Robot

The MLT-42-F Robot delivers power and performance with IG52 gear motors and flipper arms! Larger tracks and chassis than the MLT-JR, this robot can lift up and climb over obstacles and travel most types of terrain.


4WD IG52 Robot with 10″ Tires

The 4WD IG52 Robot is a high-performance 4 wheel drive robot that delivers speed and performance. Use it for fun or to carry an additional 50 pound payload!
4WD IG52 Robot


4WD ATR IG52 Robot with 13″ Tiller Tires

The 4WD IG52 Robot is the most requested 4WD robot. The rugged 13 inch tiller tires will handle most terrains. This powerful robot can support an additional 75-100 pound payload!
4WD IG52 Robot

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