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SuperDroid Robots in the News!  (in a good way ;-) )

SuperDroid Robots in the News! (in a good way ;-) )

Well, we have had a couple snow days here over the last couple weeks and our 6WD snow plow has been getting a lot of publicity. We built it as a novelty item and have already sold it. Fear not for those of you who still want one, just let us know what you want and we can build anything you need in plenty of time for the next winter. Check us out on CNN Weather Channel YouTube videos: Video 1 Video...

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6WD ATR with 6inch Pneumatic Tires

Our Wheeled ATRs have another wheel option. The 6.75inch semi pneumatic tires are getting phased out and replaced with metal rim fully pneumatic 6inch tires. The new tires have a higher load capability since they are fully pneumatic and have steel rims instead of plastic. The tires will be used on our IG32, IG42 standard base platforms, Heavy Duty platform, and our custom length ATRs. The 10inch p...

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Now for Sale! SuperDroid Robots 6WD ATR RC with 90mm motors

Visit our online store for our new 6WD ATR RC with 90mm motors.  It has a rugged frame made of 3/16″ thick aluminum to accept our IG90 gear motors. The aluminum is all laser cut and CNC bent for an exact fit-up. The IG90 ATR frame is 14″ wide x 36″ long. The sides are 2″ high (bottom edge to top surface). As configured with 13″ tiller tires shaft and wheel sets it has...

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