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Mining Robot

Custom Mining Robot

This is a custom mining robot we have just completed. It features the following: Enclosed waterproof 4WD chassis HD Dual bearing axle support, chain driven, powered by 4 high torque motors 10 inch diameter tiller style tires for great traction Steel Roll Cage for protection from falling debris or turnover Full HD Video system with video and image capturing capabilities High intensity LED lighting ...

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Tech Thursday

Tech Thursday #019: A Fun Tracked Robot with a Arduino

We had fun building this robot. He may look familiar… We started with MLT-JR custom length tracks and added a simple shell and head. The motors are driven with a Sabertooth 2×5 Motor Controller. All the parts (other than the drive train) were made with our 3D printers. Then we gave it a quick paint job. We embedded two IR sensors on the front and put a Arduino in the middle cavity to dr...

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