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GPK Inspection Robot

Optional Top-Mounted Removable Battery Available on Wireless Inspection Robot

SuperDroid Robots Wireless Inspection Robot, GPK-32, is now available with an optional top-mounted removable battery. Accessing and charging the battery is fast and convenient. Simply attach the battery to the mount, turn on the robot and remote, then Go! Remotely inspect hard to reach areas while recording footage in full 1080 HD with the provided camera and SD card. Watch the footage in real-tim...

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MLT-42 Compact Inspection Robot with PTZ Camera

Inspection Robots For Sale

Do you have an area that is hard to reach, or even dangerous to access? The perfect solution for you could be a durable inspection robot from SuperDroid Robots. Areas you can inspect with one of our inspection robots: Pipes Culverts Ducts Crawl Spaces Attics Roofs Etc.   All of our inspection robots come with cameras which keep you out of harm’s way. CLICK EACH IMAGE TO FIND OUT MORE! &...

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how to win a robot

SuperDroid Robots Summer 2017

Busy all summer long… The summer of 2017 has been an exciting time here at SuperDroid Robots. From beach trips, to cook-outs to our summer sale; we’ve been busy for sure. To celebrate the Fourth of July, we held our summer sale which spread like wildfire. Many of our customers took the opportunity to save up to 15% on robot kits, motor controllers, gear motors, etc. The response was amazing ...

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Summer Savings

Summer Sale at SuperDroid Robots

Hot deals to celebrate summer! It’s no secret that SuperDroid Robots makes some of the most durable and dependable robots around, but what a lot of folks don’t know is that we LOVE summer! From the beaches to the mountains and everywhere in between, we love to kayak, jet-ski, hike, and anything else related to our favorite season. To celebrate summer’s arrival, we’ve decide...

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Tech Thursday

Tech Thursday #025: Power Drivers and Distribution

One of the first electrical decisions that must be made when building a robot is how you are going to power it and how you are going to get that power to where it needs to be. Here at SuperDroid Robots we strive to make this as simple as possible with a wide range of power distribution, drivers, and wiring kits. Power Drivers Power drivers are crucial in any robotic system even when you are only u...

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2015 IEEE RoboReasearch Seminar

2015 IEEE RoboReasearch Seminar

This past Friday SuperDroid Robots attended the First Annual 2015 IEEE RoboResearch Seminar hosted by UNC-Charlotte. We exhibited and demoed a variety of our inspection, tactical, and HAZMAT robots. The seminar concluded with a presentation by SuperDroid Robots electrical engineer Jason Traud on the topic of commercial applications of ground robotics. His talk showcased some practical uses of such...

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6WD ATR with 6inch Pneumatic Tires

Our Wheeled ATRs have another wheel option. The 6.75inch semi pneumatic tires are getting phased out and replaced with metal rim fully pneumatic 6inch tires. The new tires have a higher load capability since they are fully pneumatic and have steel rims instead of plastic. The tires will be used on our IG32, IG42 standard base platforms, Heavy Duty platform, and our custom length ATRs. The 10inch p...

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SDR Completes 3 Custom Arms

These custom arms were built from a customers requirements.  All three arms are identical and include all the controls, feedback, etc in a self contained IP54 rated assembly.  The arm is connected to via a Amphenol Connector.   The arm includes humidity sensing of internals, current sensing of each joint, position monitoring of the shoulder, elbow, and wrist.

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New 4WD Chassis

This new 4WD chassis is the same chassis we have been using for our WiFi Linux Server Robot. After many requests for selling just the chassis, we have listed it as a stand alone item. The same chassis will be used in a new WiFi Robot that will utilize the ARC32 controller and be user configurable. The current WiFi Robots (excluding the server robot)  do not allow user configuration and customizati...

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