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Tech Thursday #022: Sending a Message, Chicken Coop – Part 2

Part 2 of our chicken coop home automation project is sending a message to your phone or to your email from an Arduino! What good is a home automation project if it does not notify you if something is wrong or if the status of something is changing, etc.

This is a continuation of our Home Automation Chicken Coop – Part 1. This is Part 2 of a multi part posting of the chicken coop home automation IoT (Internet of Things)

The Arduino Uno is used to push messages using a API called PushingBox. The Pushing Box notices can be set-up to send instant messages, emails, etc. priority can be set, etc. So a low priority notice is sent when the lights are turned on or off, etc. A high priority message is sent if smoke or methane levels are high, etc. I have installed a Arduino Uno and set it up as client to send the messages, all we do with it is send messages. A Ethernet Shield is install on the Arduino Uno. A serial packet from the Arduino Mega, which is set up as a server tells the Uno if status has changed. If status has changed, the Uno relays the message!

This is the code used on the Arduino Uno.

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