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What is a Turn-Key Robot?

Out of the box production. You may have heard of people looking for a turn-key house, or a turn-key business.  What they mean by that is they want a home or business that is move-in ready and doesn’t need any work done in order to get started.  It makes sense for a lot of folks. But what is a turn-key robot?  Basically a turn-key robot is one that you can get from SuperDroid Robots that is r...

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Tech Thursday

Tech Thursday #038: New D-Shaft Sprockets

  For this week’s Tech Thursday, we are introducing our new D-Shaft sprockets. These sprockets are custom designed and machined from high quality steel with a custom bore so that it fits the D-shaped shaft of our IG42 and IG52 motors. We have them in three sizes: #25 10 tooth, 8mm bore #25 15 tooth, 12mm bore #35 10 tooth, 12mm bore The 8mm bore fits the shaft of the IG42 motor while the 12mm...

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