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Custom Project

What’s the Best Robot for You?

Custom Robots. This can be a scary phrase for anyone searching for a robot. The word “custom” often has a negative connotation associated with words like “expensive” and “unnecessary”. To us, “custom” means something different. When we design a custom robot for a client, we talk to with them to understand their needs as well as the tasks the robot is...

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New engineering services that will turn your idea into reality

We take pride in the holistic approach required to develop robots. it requires a strong team of electrical, software, and mechanical engineers along with skilled welders and fabricators. If building robots was a sport, it would be the ultimate team sport. Strong communication, meticulous organization, and innovation are all key factors and you can’t create professional robots without them. O...

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Overkill having anger management issues

As we posted last week, we’ve created a unique robot with a 24HP V Twin with hydraulic motors and pumps. This beast is a true robot. Notice the remote start up and control. This video shows Overkill in it’s element. Running over trees, crashing through water; this robot is fit for the ugliest terrain. Want to learn more about Overkill? Contact us.

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Nothing wrong with a little Overkill

Our latest project, Overkill. This robot has a 24HP V Twin with hydraulic motors and pumps. Still has some work needed with control system to control RPM and hydraulic demands. Looking like its got plenty of power and a top speed of about 15mph!

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Robot + Gun = Sweet Christmas Gift

We typically receive custom requests for robot gifts, and this year was no different. Here’s a look at a robot we upfitted with an Airsoft gun. Want more info about our custom robots? Check out our web site. Like all of our custom robots, this ATR was designed, built and tested in North Carolina, USA.

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SDR Completes 3 Custom Arms

These custom arms were built from a customers requirements.  All three arms are identical and include all the controls, feedback, etc in a self contained IP54 rated assembly.  The arm is connected to via a Amphenol Connector.   The arm includes humidity sensing of internals, current sensing of each joint, position monitoring of the shoulder, elbow, and wrist.

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Restored CNC Mill added to SuperDroid Robot’s Machine shop!

This is a Bridgeport CNC that we found and completely gutted it. We replaced the stepper motors, control system, etc. Added new stepper motors, computer, control system, interlocks, lubrication system, and more. The Bridgeport is a very well built mill. With the upgraded controls this system is now state of the art and adds a lot of capabilities to the other mills and CNC machines we already have....

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We have restored this old Horizontal Mill

This is a old horizontal mill we came across and spent some time restoring it. This horizontal mill will add to our machining capabilities and help us with tasks that are otherwise difficult on the vertical mills such as keyways in shafts, etc. In the background of the picture you can see the backside of our restored Bridgeport CNC.

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SuperDroid Robots New Sign

After moving in late December 2011, moving all our equipment, setting up our new shop, continuing to fill orders, etc., we found some time to build and install a sign out front to let people know we are here!

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