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Mecanum robot (IG32 DM) layout

Home Forums Product Questions Mecanum robot (IG32 DM) layout

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    Hello, I’m building out my IG32 DM robot. So far I’ve wired up the motors to the Roboclaw 2×7 controllers.

    A couple questions I wanted to sanity-check on before continuing:

      * Since each controller powers two motors, the wires ended up being close & parallel for a short distance. Will that cause any issues?
      * I’m planning on mounting the Arduino in the undercarriage, sound reasonable? I’ll run control wires up to a RasPi or TX2 on the top.
      * I tried and tried, but couldn’t get the large ferrite rings over the larger shielded wire. I am using the smaller ferrite rings on the wires right before attaching to the motor. Seem good?

    Thanks in advance …

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    Hi Andre,

    Nothing about this seems off. I doubt you’re going to have any noise issues with the IG32 motors.



    Great, thanks for the sanity-check!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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