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Sabertooth 2×12 Sleep-State ?

Home Forums Product Questions Sabertooth 2×12 Sleep-State ?

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    Nicolas Frusciante

    Hi – I am currently working with a Sabertooth 2×12. Basically it works fine when controlling with “Packetized Serial”. However, when not sending commands to the Sabertooth for a longer period of time (say 2 hours), the Sabertooth subsequently does not react on new commands anymore.

    Is there something like a sleep-mode integrated to this device? Any ideas how to “wake-up” the Sabertooth?



    We always communicate with the sabertooth when power is applied just as a safety thing. Always want to tell it not to go if you don’t want it to go… Any ways, it should still work if you want to go to give it the silent treatment for a while. Are you using S2 for the Estop? You many want to try that and see if that helps it sleep better. Do you only have that one controller? Just curious if its that one controller or all Sabertooths that go braindead after a little nap. We will check with Dimension Engineering and see if they have any ideas and get back to you.


    Nicolas Frusciante

    Thank you for the fast answering! Actually, I have 12 Saberteeth 12×2, but I didn’t test them on this behaviour yet. Working at the moment only with one. But I will report back as soon as the remaining 11 Saberteeth are on work.

    No, I am not using S2 for Estop. Only S1 for Packetized Serial communication with an Arduino Mega 2560 (on TX3). But do you mean by switching S2 to GND might help to wake-up the device?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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