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treaded robots

GPK Inspection Robot

Optional Top-Mounted Removable Battery Available on Wireless Inspection Robot

SuperDroid Robots Wireless Inspection Robot, GPK-32, is now available with an optional top-mounted removable battery. Accessing and charging the battery is fast and convenient. Simply attach the battery to the mount, turn on the robot and remote, then Go! Remotely inspect hard to reach areas while recording footage in full 1080 HD with the provided camera and SD card. Watch the footage in real-tim...

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Mining Inspection Robot work continues…

This custom robot is being built to explore abandoned mine tunnels. The tunnels may be flooded with water so the motors are in waterproof housing. The electronics will get placed in waterproof housings too at a later date. Items will be added such as IP control, camera systems, and a fiber optic spool. SuperDroid Robots is working with Nuytco on this project. SuperDroid robots is designing and bui...

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National Instruments SD5 CRio Labview Tracked Robot

This is a prototype of a production robot being built for National Instruments. The robot runs LabVIEW and has a cRIO in it. Other features included a wireless router, two front sonar sensors, Lidar, rear IR sensor, Tilt IP Camera. Encoders interfaced with the new RoboteQ SDC2130, and more. SuperDroid Robots Tracked Robot SD5 for National Instruments SD5 Robot 1st Checkout Video SD5 Robot Running ...

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